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Coffee freshly roasted

Coffee freshly roasted

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From a regional coffee roastery, we now also offer coffee for fully automatic and portafilter machines. The beans are gently and respectfully roasted in a drum roaster at 210° C for around 15 - 20 minutes.

Package content: 250 g

Coffee varieties and origin:

Petunia - Brazil

Family farm from a hilly region located at 950 – 1300 meters

100% Arabica blend with the flavors Cashew, grape, chocolatey

Strong coffee with a slight fruity note for alternative preparation such as filter coffee, Turkish or coffee press.

73er - The Complex

Medium roast with 70% Arabica from South America and 30% Canephora from South Asia. Taste notes : chocolate, dried stone fruit

This strong roast impresses with a full body and balanced aromas. The taste of bitter cocoa and fine fruit is underlined by an extremely mild, integrated acidity and accompanied by a strong sweetness.


80% Arabica, 20% Canephora Taste notes: Chocolate, Berry, Nutty

A coffee blend that travels the world, with a collection of complex flavors. The hand-picked coffee beans from the Sheka Forest combine with a characterful bean from Uganda and a balanced coffee from faraway India. This is an invigorating taste experience that brings every traveler new energy for the next stage.

From fruity-sweet to light tobacco notes, you will discover everything here.

Fruit Bomb

100% Arabica with flavour notes : berry, pineapple, peach, almond, macadamia

Micro-fermented, the coffee was piled up for 48 hours and covered with a tarp. This heats up the coffee and reaches a temperature of around 45 degrees. This process speeds up the fermentation and the sugar is broken down more quickly by microorganisms and converted into other substances/enzymes. These are then absorbed by the coffee seeds during drying. The result is complex coffee, fruity, with a good body and sweetness.


Ceramic products are made of clay and glaze. Due to the firing temperature of 1240 °C, our ceramics are called stoneware


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Traute Maria Leist
Familienbetrieb mit guter Leistung

Alles hat gut funktioniert, von Bestellung bis Lieferung. Kaffee Weltenbummler ist genial, beim nächsten Mal werde ich eine andere Sorte

Coffee freshly roasted

Coffee freshly roasted Handgefertigte Keramik Manufaktur aus dem Harz im ❤️ von Deutschland. Liebevoll hergestellte Gebrauchskeramik für jeden, der Keramik liebt.

Coffee freshly roasted