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With our handmade ceramic tea bowls , you can take a break from everyday life and enjoy your favorite tea in proper style. The high-quality workmanship, the robust material and the beautiful, individual designs make each tea bowl a unique and durable product.


Tea bowl – the special way of enjoying tea

You will also find a large number of different cups, mugs & Co. with us, but a tea bowl or matcha bowl made of ceramic should not be missing from your crockery equipment. In China and Japan, tea has been drunk from these vessels for many centuries, mostly as part of the famous tea ceremony. Enjoyment is the focus here: let yourself be inspired and use our ceramic tea bowls for a very conscious break in between , whether alone or in a relaxed atmosphere with friends and family.

We also have the right ceramic teapots and warmers , tea strainers and high-quality, regional teas in our online shop for you. Put together your own individual tea set according to your wishes. Depending on your taste, you can either choose the teapot in the same glaze as the ceramic tea bowls or combine different colors and patterns. Anything you like is allowed, because Japanese tea bowls don't necessarily have to match the pot and a wild mix is ​​very popular here.

Quality stoneware bowls for tea, matcha & Co.

Each individual tea bowl is handmade and is made from high-quality stoneware clay .

This is what distinguishes our ceramic tea bowls:

  • Ceramic material for particularly aromatic tea enjoyment
  • Different designs (green, turquoise, earth-colored, speckled), individual productions are also possible on request
  • Handmade - each piece is unique
  • Durable and robust
  • Suitable for dishwasher and microwave
  • Can be used as a tea / matcha bowl, for juice, water etc.
  • Large tea bowl (holds approx. 250 ml )

Buy a large selection of ceramics online

The best place to buy high-quality tea bowls and other stoneware products is at the Alte Schmiede. Our online shop offers you an extensive range and free delivery for orders over 250 euros ! If you have any questions, just get in touch with us. You are also welcome to buy all ceramics in our shop - we look forward to your visit.