Collection: Sabine Koehler


Sabine was born in Naumburg. From 1978 to 1980 she learned the potter's trade in her hometown, followed by a journeyman's examination in Bürgel. For 4 years, Sabine was employed as a trainer in this company, with success. Because in 1986 she passed the long-awaited master's examination. She then worked for several years as a master potter in the “LucasCranach” visual artists’ cooperative in Weimar, until she opened her first pottery shop in Naumburg in 1992.

The potter has lived in Lübars in the Magdeburg/Burg area since 2008, where she currently has her ceramics workshop.

The product range extends from utility , garden and ornamental ceramics to modeling work. Each object is an individually manufactured one-off and can therefore vary slightly in shape and colour. All vessels are traditionally formed by hand on the potter's wheel.

Sabine uses red clay to manufacture the products, which is fired at 1170 C° in an electric furnace.

Food-safe glazes are used, in which the individual pieces are dipped. Another method is the so-called spray technique .

Phone: 039225 634540