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Hand-made ceramic mugs

Enjoy hot and cold drinks from our ceramic mugs , which are made of high-quality stoneware with attention to detail. Each piece is handmade and truly unique. Discover our range of ceramic mugs in different colors and shapes and find your new favorite mug - also ideal as a gift.

Quality ceramic mugs

The mugs and all other products are made of stoneware clay , a material that is characterized by many positive properties:

  • Robust and stable
  • Can be processed well after firing, resulting in a wide range of design options
  • Insensitive to temperature fluctuations
  • Suitable for dishwasher and microwave

With one of our ceramic mugs, you get a high-quality drinking vessel that is easy to use, takes on every challenge of everyday life and that you will enjoy for many years. You can find out more about the manufacture of our products here.

Ceramic mugs for every taste

In our shop you will find hand-made ceramic mugs without handles and in different shapes and colours, so that everyone is guaranteed to find something here. Choose between bulbous, cylindrical or straight, simple cups, each shape brings a different drinking experience with it. The aromas of the drinks can develop particularly well in bulbous ceramic mugs, cylindrical mugs look modern and original and the simple ceramic mugs are particularly timeless thanks to their straight shape. In addition, there are our different glazes: from a subtle earthy color to strong green to bright turquoise and speckled variants, all tastes are catered for here. Browse through our ceramic mugs and get inspired!

Cups for hot and cold drinks

Hot and cold drinks are equally enjoyable from the ceramic mugs with a capacity of 300 ml, which makes them versatile for different occasions. For example, you can enjoy your coffee or tea for breakfast or use the cups for the afternoon coffee party with friends and family. Juice, water, cola or other soft drinks taste even more delicious from our pottery mugs. And for sociable hours, the ceramic mugs without a handle are also ideal for wine, mulled wine, beer, etc. So nothing stands in the way of the next garden party or a cozy evening in front of the fireplace!

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Handmade ceramic mugs as a loving gift idea

Would you like to make a loved one happy? Our hand-made ceramic mugs offer a good opportunity for this, which we also produce individually according to our own wishes within the scope of our possibilities. A great gift for Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas or just in between! Because everyone is happy about a beautiful, high-quality mug.

Discover the variety of ceramic products in our online shop: here you will find ceramic mugs in various designs ( jumbo mugs , bulbous mugs , votive mugs , etc.), a large selection of ceramic tableware ,ceramics for the kitchen ,regional products , decoration & much more. If you have any questions about our products, we would be happy to advise you personally - of course we look forward to a visit to our shop in Schierke! The Alte Schmiede wishes you lots of fun shopping!