egg cup

Handmade ceramic egg cups

The morning breakfast egg tastes twice as good in a high-quality ceramic egg cup . All products are handmade by us and made of robust stoneware clay, so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Browse through our range here and complete your breakfast with our egg cups!

Quality clay egg cups

In the manufacture of our egg cups and all other ceramic products, we only use stoneware clay , which has many advantages. This type of tone is characterized by an extremely high level of stability - even in hectic moments, nothing is guaranteed to break so quickly. The material also withstands large temperature fluctuations without any problems, which means that the egg cups are dishwasher and microwave safe . Our high-quality products not only impress with their visual but also with their inner values ​​and can be used for years.

Ceramic egg cups in different glazes

We have the right egg cup for every taste in our range. Choose from our three popular glaze colors :

  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • earth tones

Each glaze is available in one color or speckled, combinations of different colors are also possible. Take a look through our selection or let us know if you have any individual wishes, which we will be happy to implement for you as far as we can. Of course, the ceramic egg cups are also ideal as gifts and to make friends or family happy.

A must at the breakfast table

For many, a soft or hard-boiled breakfast egg is simply part of the perfect start to the day. And eggs are also eaten with cold lunch or dinner. Our practical ceramic egg cups prevent the eggs from rolling away and are also a real eye-catcher at the dining table. The classic shape of the mug with a small foot is timeless and decorative at the same time. It is not for nothing that egg cups have been used for many centuries. Our tip: combine other ceramic dishes! In our shop you will find everything you need for a perfect meal, from cereal bowls to plates , teapots , milk jugs, butter domes to bowls and jugs , everything is there. We hope you enjoy our ceramics - and bon appétit!

Ceramic egg cups: the individual gift idea

In addition to the obligatory cups, why not give away an egg cup ? Especially people who appreciate a hearty breakfast will definitely be happy about these pretty and robust helpers. Thanks to the different color options, all preferences can be served here and, if desired, custom-made products can also be commissioned from us. A very special gift idea, whether for Mother's and Father's Day, birthdays or Christmas.

Do you still have questions about the egg cups? Then feel free to contact us personally – we look forward to your contact request .