straight cups

Buy ceramic cups with a straight bottom online

Are you a fan of cups with a simple, classic yet high-quality design that can also hold a large amount of your favorite drink? Then you should choose one or more of our cups with a straight base. With their classic, beautiful appearance and large capacity, they have the potential to become your new favorite cup for all occasions.


straight cups green

Straight pottery cups in different colors

Our straight cups all have a capacity of 350 ml and are made exclusively from high-quality stoneware clay and are available in different colors. Whether

straight cups turquoise
  • Earth tones
  • Green
  • Turquoise
  • Speckled green
  • Turquoise speckled
  • Green with application

Or a design of your choice upon request with us: everyone will find a straight ceramic cup with us. Take a look at our selection of cups with a straight base. We look forward to your order.

High quality - for every taste and occasion

Our straight cups are suitable for all occasions and times of day and are also the ideal gift. Enjoy your coffee, tea or cocoa from the ceramic cups with a straight base, for example at breakfast or in the afternoon in your garden at home. Or invite friends and family for coffee and a chat (ideally with a matching teapot ). The straight cups are also ideal for a sociable evening get-together with mulled wine and punch.

straight cup earthy

Our pottery cups are very robust and durable due to the stoneware clay material. They do not break easily even with minor impacts. In addition, the ceramic cups can be washed in the dishwasher without any problems and do not require annoying washing up by hand.

Order your new straight ceramic mug now

Do not hesitate and choose one or more of our pottery cups with a flat base. We will waive the shipping costs for orders over 250 euros . Please note that the delivery time within Germany is usually 1-3 days and to neighboring European countries it is up to 5 days. We look forward to your order and are happy to advise you at any time!