wine goblets

Handmade ceramic wine goblets

Wine lovers enjoy their fine wines best from a wine goblet from the Alte Schmiede. Our goblets are all made by hand and are made of robust stoneware clay. Find out more about the popular drinking vessels here and buy the wine goblets conveniently in our online shop or of course in our retail shop!

Wine goblets and Harz wine

Individual wine goblets for every taste

Since our ceramic wine goblets are made by hand, each wine glass is a one-off, so to speak, so that there is no second copy. Depending on personal taste, there are three different glazes to choose from:

  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • earth tones

A combination of several glazes is also possible. On request and within the scope of our possibilities, we also produce custom- made products. Also perfect as a gift for anyone who likes to drink wine.

High-quality wine glasses made of robust ceramic

Many wine glasses show quirks over time or even break. Our ceramic wine goblets, on the other hand, are not only eye-catching, but also particularly robust. On the one hand, this is due to the shape, which is both elegant and stable thanks to the slightly thicker handle. In addition, stoneware clay has several practical advantages as the material used: it is robust and the goblets can be placed in the dishwasher or microwave without any problems. In addition, white and rosé wines in particular, which taste best cold, remain cool and refreshing for a long time in the thick clay vessel. Pretty and practical at the same time: you will enjoy our wine goblets for many years.

Wine goblets & regional wine - ideal as a gift or to enjoy yourself

Our recommendation: buy one or more bottles of our wines from the Harz Mountains with the wine goblets! We have wine for every taste in our range, whether red wine, white wine or rosé. The wines come from the only growing area in the Harz foothills, from the Harzer Weingut Kirmann, and thanks to the mild climate and the loamy soil they impress with full-bodied flavors. Every sip is a pleasure that tastes twice as good from a ceramic wine goblet.

A wine glass made of clay is also a wonderful gift or a small gift in between - for a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day and many other occasions. And of course not only wine can be drunk from it, but also juice, spritzer, milk and any other beverage.

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