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We at the Alte Schmiede are proud of our large selection of pottery cups. Our ceramic cups are also handmade and available in many sizes, colors and shapes. There is something for every taste. Treat yourself to a relaxing break from everyday life and unwind with your favorite drink from our ceramic cups.

Cups assortment


We have a wide range of pottery cups, which is constantly expanding and can also be customized to meet individual customer requirements. The following cups are among those in our range:

  • Espresso ceramic cup
Espresso cups assortments

    • Bulbous pottery cups

    bulbous cups assortment

    • Jumbo ceramic mug
    Jumbo and saying mugs assortment
    • Straight pottery cups
    straight cups assortment

    Take a look at our online shop and get an overview of our current range of handmade ceramic cups.


    Do you like to start your day with an espresso? Then take a look at our range of pottery espresso ceramic cups . For a particularly big energy boost, you can also drink a double espresso from these ceramic cups.

    If you are a fan of classic filter coffee, we recommend the small ceramic cups with a capacity of 200 ml. Of course, you can also drink other hot drinks, such as tea or cocoa, from the pottery cups.

    bulbous cups as a collage

    True to the motto “more is more”, we also offer bulbous pottery cups and jumbo ceramic cups with a capacity of up to 500 ml. For a particularly long coffee or tea break, alone or with your loved ones.

    Jumbo saying mug earthy on table with blanket

    If you prefer something simpler, you should take a look at our pottery cups in a classic, straight shape. With a capacity of 350 ml, they are the perfect companion for breakfast or afternoon coffee in a convivial setting.

    Would you like to surprise friends and family members with an individual, high-quality gift? Then our ceramic mugs with original sayings are the perfect choice. You can either choose one of the pottery mugs from our shop or have us write a saying of your choice on your ceramic mug. Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or by phone.


    Set table with cup and plate in turquoise

    You can conveniently buy our handmade ceramic cups online in our online shop. For companies, it is worth ordering a larger quantity, because we do not charge you any shipping costs for purchases over 250 euros .

    Take a look at our extensive range of pottery cups and order your ceramic cup today! We look forward to your order.