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Ceramic cups

What is so special about a hand-made ceramic mug?

Anyone who has ever visited a pottery or a pottery market will find different shapes and glazes that the potters have made themselves. The variety is enormous, as each potter chooses a different shape for his glaze. The interplay between shape and color makes each piece a unique one-of-a-kind. And since we all have different tastes, everyone will find their favorite piece😊

We pay particular attention to the shape and handling of our cups. That's why our cups have a slightly curved drinking rim that fits nicely against our lips and is therefore easy to drink from.

Jumbo cup This is particularly evident in our jumbo cups. We also attach importance to a simple color scheme to bring the product to the fore. In addition, the wall thickness of the cups is designed so that they are not too heavy, since they will still be filled and you should still be able to lift them☺️.
This is a very important factor, which differs particularly from industrially manufactured ceramics (which are predominantly cast).
Ceramic mugs
So if you attach particular importance to unique and individual ceramic cups, you cannot avoid purchasing them in one of the many pottery shops.
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