Die zauberhafte Welt der geritzten Bäume🌲, Sträucher🌿 und aufgesetzten Pilze🍄 in kleinen Vasen - Alte Schmiede

The magical world of carved trees🌲, bushes🌿 and mushrooms🍄 in small vases

Dear readers,

Today I would like to take you into the wonderful world of small vases decorated with artistically carved trees and bushes as well as mushrooms. These hand-crafted works of art not only bring a touch of nature into our homes, but also bring our imagination to life.

Vase hand-engraved

The simplicity of the shapes and the magic of the details

These small vases are true masterpieces of craftsmanship. Their shapes are simple and elegant, which makes the finely crafted details stand out even more. The combination of smooth ceramic material and the carved trees and bushes gives them a charming contrast that captivates the eye.

The carved motifs show trees majestically reaching into the sky and shrubs gently swaying in the wind. These delicate cuts create a fascinating play of light and shadow that creates the illusion of a living scene. The mushrooms have been added to give the vase a three-dimensional dimension. The mushrooms are painted with great care to make them appear even more realistic.

Vase with mushrooms

 Nature as inspiration

The inspiration for these magical vases comes directly from nature. The potter Nora was guided by the secrets of the forest, the colors of the seasons and the magic of nature itself. Each vase tells its own story and draws the viewer into a world full of mysticism and poetry.

Vase with fir trees

The art of presentation

These little works of art deserve to be viewed in a special light. Imagine them placed on an elegant sideboard, windowsill or shelf. When sunlight falls through the window, the shadows of the carved trees and shrubs dance on the surrounding surfaces, quickly making the vases appear alive.

A tribute to nature and creativity

Nora & Elisabeth, who create these vases, not only pay tribute to the beauty of nature, but also to their own creativity. Each vase is unique, made by hand and designed with attention to detail. They represent the soul of the artists and the connection with nature.

Vase with bushes


Small vases with carved trees 🌲, bushes and mushrooms🍄 are real treasures for those who want to experience the beauty of nature in their home. They bring nature inside and let us feel the magic of forests and meadows. Their simplicity, elegance and artistic design make them perfect collector's items or gifts for people who appreciate the beauty of nature.

At a time when we are often surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everyday life, these small vases remind us that nature can be a source of inspiration and peace. Let yourself be enchanted by the magical world of carved trees, bushes and mushrooms and treat yourself to a little piece of nature in your home!

To the vases 👉


Your pottery team from the Alte Schmiede

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