About us

potter team

In the rustic walls of the former "Alte Schmiede", a forge fire actually burned well into the 1950s

During the 3-year construction period, the listed building was professionally renovated and stylishly expanded with a half-timbered extension, so that we were able to move in here in October 1996.

On February 8, 1997, the pottery opened its doors with a ceramics workshop and an adjacent shop.

As a trained potter, I design the vessels myself and turn the ideas into clay on the potter's wheel. On the revolving disc, imaginative structures of functional and ornamental ceramics grow professionally out of the shapeless lump: cups, plates, vases, jugs, candlesticks, storage vessels as well as oil and fragrance lamps.

After initially experimenting with the colors of the glaze, we have specialized in the natural colors of the resin. The combination of earthy and green glaze gives the vessels a charmingly rustic surface.

A special feature of our shop is the witch ceramics made especially for us by Susanne.

In order to cover the growing demand for our large variety of cups, we get support from ceramic master Sabine Köhler.

Due to growing demand, we have had an online shop since 2015.