bulbous cups

A bulbous ceramic cup: for a cozy start to the day

Cups are now available in many different shapes. It is sometimes not so easy to find your favorite model. Ultimately, your favorite shape is a very personal decision. How about a cup in a bulbous shape, hand-made from high-quality and robust ceramic? Our bulbous cups hold a large enough amount of coffee, tea, cocoa or another favorite drink with a capacity of 350 ml to give you an excellent start to the day.

Take a look at our range pure!

bulbous cups with saucers on a table


We offer our bulbous shaped cups in many different colors, including

bulbous earthy cups on a doily
  • Turquoise
  • Green with application
  • Speckled green
  • Speckled turquoise
  • Earth tones

On request, we can also create an individual design , depending on our capabilities. Simply contact us for this.


Place setting turquoise

Our cups have many advantages because they are bulbous and made of ceramic. A lot of content usually fits into a cup like this, and the bulbous shape also looks down-to-earth and comfortable , while at the same time powerful - this makes it easier to work in the office or makes your coffee/tea at home taste even better. A bulbous cup also has the advantage that the aromas of the drink being enjoyed can develop particularly well thanks to its round shape.

But it is not just the shape that impresses, but also the material of our bulbous cups. Thanks to the special manufacturing technology The ceramic cups are particularly robust and can easily be washed in the dishwasher or put in the microwave . You see: this cup is a real all-rounder in the kitchen!

Cup, plate and small box


Don't hesitate and choose one or more of our bulbous ceramic mugs. The mugs are also the ideal gift for all ages! We deliver within Germany within 1-3 working days and for purchases over 250 euros we even waive the shipping costs.

Contact us and find your new favorite bulbous mug. We look forward to your order.